Investing in our people.

We are focused on supporting our diverse workforce. HI-GRADE embraces its employees’ individual skills and seeks ways to collaboratively accomplish complex goals. 

At HI-GRADE, we take dignity in our values of integrity, honesty and dependability. These core values are key components in the relationships we have with both our employees and customers.

Our employees are the most important aspect of our business. HI-GRADE’s 50 years of success are attributed to the tireless dedication of our employees taking pride in their work each and every day.


HI-GRADE is looking for motivated people with a desire to add value to our organization and a desire to grow professionally.

To apply for a position at HI-GRADE, please click the button below to be directed to our online application. Once at the online application, download the pdf in the upper right corner of the webpage. Fill out the online application, and once it is complete, please email the application or resume to, or mail it to 140 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173. 

HI-GRADE is an EEO compliant company, and does not discriminate based upon age, sex or ethnic background. 


HI-GRADE started off as a family-owned business. Throughout its 50-year history, HI-GRADE has maintained its family roots. As such, HI-GRADE prides itself on being a family-oriented company. Not only do we consider our employees family, but our employees’ families are considered family to us as well. 

In addition, part of being a family-oriented business is caring about each of our employees’ well-being. Hi-Grade cultivates work/life balance for our employees. During work hours, HI-GRADE is operating an intense manufacturing shop for complex parts. However, after hours, you can find HI-GRADE planning company-wide social events such as a company outing at the Schaumburg Boomers Stadium to enjoy a game of baseball, celebrating the holiday season with luncheons, or throwing a 50th anniversary bash. 

HI-GRADE’s family oriented roots encourage us to be supportive of our diverse workforce and promote collaboration across all hierarchies of the company. 


benefits and compensation

Competitive Salary

HI-GRADE offers employees and applicants competitive salaries based on experience and skill levels.


HI-GRADE has a benefits package for employees, including: medical, vision, dental, life insurance, and short-term disability.

401(k) Plan

HI-GRADE has both a 401(k) plan and profit sharing plan. Employees are eligible for said plans after 30 days of continuous employment.

tuition reimbursment

HI-GRADE offers a maximum $500 tuition reimbursement benefit, per employee, per calendar year.

work environment

HI-GRADE has an open, clean environment with high ceilings and space to work comfortably.

Paid time off

HI-GRADE believes in work-life balance for its employees and as such, gives its employees paid-time off (PTO).

high mix, low volume

HI-GRADE's investment in providing parts for multiple industries allows for diverse and exciting projects.

exceptional air quality

HI-GRADE has exceptional air quality, including air conditioning and heating.


HI-GRADE is equipped with a room dedicated to employee training, whether that is skills training to safety training.